He’s best known for his hunches.


At the age of 6 his home village was decimated by the Aurelian empire, and he and a few other surviving children were conscripted into the empire’s army. He served as a slave soldier for 20 years, where he proved his worth to the empire. So they recruited him as an agent. And he continued to prove his worth for another 20 years. Right after his last mission, he left the Empires service without any word at all and ventured out on his own. Details of what he’s done up to now are not entirely known. He discovered that Morpheus was responsible for Glacian’s death. And thanks to Mute, found out that Morpheus was using Will’s body, and set about to killing him, by using his own body as bait, and sacrificing his own life. Unfortunately for him, Morpheus narrowly escaped his death.


Dominia Andrew