Alac Ganth is the son of the renowned Glacian, an inventive genius who was responsible for inventing the flying city that the Solarian people call home. Living in the shadows of his fathers genius, Alac set off to the main land of Ibellin to start anew, and prove himself worthy of being his fathers son. After being cast out of the Imperial city, Alac moved to Val’Hala, where he set up shop once again. Only this time, things were different.

Discovering that his father was brutally murdered, Alac has been working night and day to fulfill just one project in his fathers legacy. Juggling a shop, and inn, a tavern, and a flying ship, Alac seems to be pushing himself to his breaking point. But he carries on, hoping that the work will make him strong enough to one day avenge his father, and finally put all of this violence behind him.

“You’ll Be closing your shop now.”


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