The Dream that surpassed the Gods themselves...


Born on the Plane of Dreams of from a powerful deranged psychic, Morpheus was never content to stay there. Quickly leaving the infighting of his kind, he went to the material plane, where he was fascinated by mortals there.

Over the course several hundred years, Morpheus was driven to find out how people tick. He spent his time performing experiments, many of them too terrible to mention, just to see how people would react. Devouring the souls of those he killed, he continued his experiments until one day he was approached by an enigmatic figure offering him a job. Intrigued, Morpheus accepted, and began killing people of importance, all over the world.

Unfortunately for him, this attracted the attention of Aiden and after Mute discovered Morpheus in Will’s body, a trap was sprung. Aiden sacrificed his very life to end the eternal dream, but fate would smile upon Morpheus that day, and he was born again as a Vestige, a powerful being beyond the reach of Gods. Now, summoned back into the material plane, he once again carries out the dark work of the enigmatic employer and prepares to slaughter the Order of the Hand.


Dominia milesshannara