Races of Ibellin

Humans: Humans are the dominant race in Ibellin. They don’t have any particular natural abilities, but they learn very quickly. This is probably because they have a rather short lifespan compared to the other races.

  • Fort +2
  • +5 to 2 starting skills
  • Double skill points and level up

Duros: Duros are very similar in appearance to Humans. But they are much hardier. They heal faster than most of the other races. They are able to tap into their rage to increase their strength and fortitude.

  • Str +4, Fort +2, Int -2
  • Fueling Rage
  • Natural Regeneration

Gaian: Gaians are usually referred to as wood elves. They are born with a powerful connection to nature. And they often use this ability to great effect. They are rarely ever seen in large cities.

  • Spd +3, Fort +3, Int -2
  • Low-Light Vision
  • Nature Bond

Solaran: Solarans are more often called High elves. They are very skilled artificers, and are able to create things with their minds. It is very rare to see one outside of the advanced hidden city of Solaris.

  • Int +3, Dex +3, Fort -2
  • Energy +10
  • Metacreation

Varim: Very little is known about the dark elves. They are almost never seen by anyone, anywhere. No one even knows where they come from. They have an inborn connection to the shadow weave of Ibellin.

  • Dex +3, Spd +3, Wis -2
  • Nondetection
  • Shadow Weave

Azoran: Best known as Ibellin’s diplomatic and lawmaking race. The Azoran’s know the secret to the language of Truespeech, and are able to sense and control the emotions of others.

  • Cha +3, Int +3, Str -2
  • Truespeech
  • Empathy

Soltari: Almost entirely annihilated by the Aurelian empire 1000 years ago, the Soltari now live either in the slums of the cities, or in isolated nomadic tribes. They are often known for their insight into things, and their ability to see the past and present.

  • Wis +3, Int +3, Str -2
  • Clairsentience
  • Nondetection

Istari: They are a race born with a connection to the world’s magic weave. They can manipulate magic on a scale far superior to any other race. This power comes with a price. In order to use magic, the Istari have to use their life force to power the spell, which causes them to age. Their lost years can be regained through a special kind of hibernation.

  • Wis +5, Fort -2, Energy +20
  • Magic Weave
  • Magesight

Races of Ibellin

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